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Concrete Construction Supplies
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In addition to ready mix concrete and concrete blocks, we also carry a variety of other concrete and construction products and supplies. Concrete products include precast concrete steps, precast concrete storm shelters, precast cattle water troughs,  concrete septic tanks & concrete parking bumpers. Other construction supplies include Infiltrator Drainage Systems, mortar sand, river sand, river rock, steel culvert pipes, and ONE TON bags. Please call us at 706-283-1271.


PreCast Concrete Steps & Stairs Athens, GAPreCast Concrete Steps & Stairs - Precast concrete steps and stairs are available in Athens and Elberton, Georgia from Quality Concrete Block in several sizes. Quality Concrete Concrete has been supplying precast concrete stairs to Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina for over 25 years.  Precast concrete steps are available at all Ready Mix & Concrete Block locations.

Unlike concrete steps manufactured on site, precast steps are less likely to settle because they are hollow and much lighter than solid steps. The treads, risers and landings of our stairs are made as one solid piece. This means there are no mortar joints or gaps for water to seep into as could happen on real brick or natural stone steps. The weight of the precast concrete stairs are distributed evenly to the blocks set under each corner significantly minimizing movement. In those rare instances where settling does occur, precast concrete steps are easily manipulated and reset largely because of their weight.



Precast Concrete Septic TanksPrecast Concrete Septic Tanks - Precast concrete septic tanks from Turner Concrete are stronger and longer lasting than tanks made of steel, plastic or fiberglass. Precast concrete is flexible enough to withstand extreme loading conditions without the worry of catastrophic failure and have other advantages over tanks made of different materials. Concrete septic tanks do not deteriorate like steel tanks and concrete tanks can be pumped empty without fear of having a tank collapse. Concrete tanks are also environmentally friendly because they are water tight and made from natural materials. 1000 ga & 1500 gal sizes available.



Concrete Parking Bumpers georgiaConcrete Parking Bumpers - Concrete parking bumpers from Quality Block are ideal for commercial parking lots. The bumpers are 6' long and weigh about 150 lbs. Each parking bumper is cast with full length iron rods for reinforcement extra strength and long life, along with anchor mounting holes and drainage recesses.



Corrugated Steel  Culvert PipeCorrugated Steel Culvert Pipe - Corrugated Steel  Culvert Pipe is available diameters from 12� to 48�.  We stock 12�, 15�, 18�, 32�, 36�, 40�, 48� diameters and can special order larger diameters if needed.  Standard lengths are 20� long and can be joined together for longer requirements. Corrugated steel culvert pipe is the most often used and most economical culvert pipe available. It is extremely strong and durable and can be trusted for just about any job. Call us today for Corrugated Steel Culvert Pipe.



Precast Concrete Cattle Troughs georgiaPrecast Concrete Cattle Troughs - Our precast cattle troughs are made from high grade pre-mixed concrete (which we have tested regularly to ensure correct mpa) along with A grade reinforcing mesh, steel bars and quality plumbing fittings.  Standard size holds 113 gallons of water.are suitable for cattle and horses. Concrete cattle troughs can be set on pedestals or directly on the ground.



Infiltrator Drainage SystemsInfiltrator Drainage Systems - Infiltrator Systems Inc.(ISI) is the world�s leading manufacturer of plastic leachfield drainage chambers for environmental onsite wastewater solutions. The chambers, a direct replacement for stone and pipe leachfields, have revolutionized the septic industry. They provide cost-effective, efficient methods for handling residential and commercial wastewater.

Chamber systems are easy to install. Engineered for strength and performance, they have greater design flexibility including a smaller footprint as compared with stone and pipe, and are made from recycled materials. These advantages of Infiltrator chambers add up to cost savings on labor, materials and time savings on the job.



Concrete Storm Shelters - Precast Concrete Storm Shelters made the withstand the hazards of severe weather are available for immediate delivery. Our standard concrete storm shelter dimensions are 9�L x 4.5�W x 5.5� tall.  They can be installed above ground or in-ground.   



construction supplies & mortar mix
River Sand, Mortar Sand, River Rock - Bulk construction supplies like river sand, mortar sand and river rock is always available from all Turner Concrete locations.  Just stop by any of our locations and we will be happy to help with any of your construction needs. ONE TON bags are available for easy transportation.



one ton bagONE TON Bage (FIBC � Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container)- The One Ton Bag  is an incredibly strong and durable bag that safely holds thousands of pounds of dry materials. For example, our �Full Yard Bag� holds a yard of material and over 2,500 pounds!  This strength makes the One Ton Bag a perfect vehicle to transport yard(s) of dry material such as sand, gravel, dirt, stones, etc. And, the One Ton Bag is extremely economical, making it a snap to switch over to this new method of transporting dry materials.  All our bags are made from extremely durable woven polypropylene material and are safety rated 5:1.

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